March 2023

PECUNDA B.V. Announces Appointment of Ritse Klink as CEO

Photo: XMDS, Pecunda, Ritse Klink

PECUNDA B.V., one of the payment product companies of XMDS Holding BV, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Ritse Klink as its new CEO, effective May 1st, 2023. In this role, Mr. Klink will focus on leading and expanding Pecunda in Europe, providing self-service payment systems to universities, enterprises, and event venues.

Mr. Klink brings extensive experience to Pecunda, having held various management positions at Microsoft and co-founded the successful digital workplace platform Beezy (now part of Appspace). His expertise in building and growing a SaaS business will be of great value to Pecunda and the other payment product companies of XMDS Holding BV. See also Ritse's LinkedIn profile.

"I am very excited about Pecunda. It's a solid payment product with a proven track record and great potential for product development and expansion," says Mr. Klink. "What appeals to me is the combination of entrepreneurship, high-quality software, and people focus."

XMDS Holding BV is confident that Mr. Klink's knowledge, experience, and professional drive will enable him to further lead the development of Pecunda B.V. and contribute to the growth of Pecunda B.V. 

For more information, please contact René Hodde, CEO XMDS Holding BV at 0650678778 or email