Unlocking the Advantages of Embedded Payments

Embedded Payments

Meeting the surging market demand, platforms equipped with efficient and streamlined payment solutions are proving indispensable. McKinsey's projections indicate that by 2025, 30% of the world's economic transactions will be facilitated through platforms. Furthermore, IDC Financial Insights anticipates that non-financial institution platforms will take charge of a significant 74% share in global digital consumer payments by 2030.

These trends emerge from the growing capability of digital platforms to seamlessly integrate payment processes directly into their websites or mobile applications, eliminating the need to redirect customers to external payment gateways (Payment Service Providers). Transforming the purchase experience into an integral aspect of your product encounters offers the potential for a low-effort investment with substantial returns. 
Embedded payments not only enhance customer experience and retention but also expedite revenue growth.

In this recent article by Ximedes, a subsidiary of XMDS, the specifics of embedded payments are clarified — what it entails and how it operates.

A highly recommended accompanying video provides further insights.

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Within XMDS, each subsidiary contributes to Embedded Payments with a unique proposition:

Vayapay champions embedded payments with the motto "frictionless payments for urban mobility." Their payment gateway for contactless EMV tickets ensures a seamless payment experience when using your bank card for public transportation. Travelers check in with their bank card, and upon checking out with the same card, the embedded payment is seamlessly processed.

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Ginger delivers a feature-rich white-label payment gateway as a platform service. This empowers merchants, payment service providers, and banks to seamlessly incorporate the Ginger software including various payment options into the check-out process, resulting in a smooth and frictionless payment experience.



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Pecunda offers the Kuario payment solution, encompassing kiosk and unattended payment solutions for vending, printing, and electric vehicle charging. In these services, the payment itself is an integral part of the process, particularly for subscription-based models.

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specializes in designing, developing, and operating payment platforms for financial institutions. Leveraging years of experience, Ximedes software enables financial institutions to provide customers with modern, omni-channel, and seamless payment services, including terminal payments, online payments, and digital onboarding. Ximedes has honed its expertise in crafting specific payment components for embedded payments, such as tokenization.00-header-embedded-payments

For further information on how XMDS companies can cater to your specific needs and preferences regarding embedded payments, please reach out to us.